My Stash and next years Christmas Presents

I was going threw my yarn to get some ideas for next years Christmas. I found three WIP (two sharfs and one shawl) that I can finish and would be great for 3 of the gifts. I'll make granny daughters squares to make three scarfs. (or hexes like for the granny's flower gradan coverlet)
Making an afgan for my sister and one for my youngest niece. She'll be 18 and can add it to her hope chest. I might have some time left to make myself something. haha But I do need to do something with this yarn. To much really to call scraps. 2 and 3 skiens of some colors but not enough for a full blown project. Maybe more scarfs?


To whom it may concern

Dont think anyone reads this but its more for me then anything. Anyway finished anouther Christmas present. So only one more to go. Already have planned what I want to do for next year so well start those soon.
Merry Christmas. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season.


long time no post hehe

Dont post here much these days. Mostly on my fish forum. Anyway I have all but two Christmas gifts done. I know Ill finish the Grannies flower garden one. All I need to do is put it together but my "In the Round" for my Daddy may not get done this year so Ill have to go get him a store bought gift and he'll get it next year.
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

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